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Once this blog is posted I’ll be able to say “I’m Pamela McLean of Dadamac Connect. We connect people, organisations and ideas. You can find out more at”.

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Today I was given a password to come and add the content here, so I’ve been on a learning curve, and I’m not quite at the top yet. I’ve been learning-by-doing, supplemented by “phone a friend” (and I don’t want to bother him again this evening). I’ve made some mistakes and learned from them and progress is being made.

Gradually the front page will fill up with blog posts – and this is the first one. I’ll need to add a picture. I haven’t cracked that one yet, when I do I’ll come back and edit the blog. (Editing note added later – as you see – progress was made). I feel like I’m almost the last person on the planet to not yet know how to do this – but I don’t know yet – so I’ll share my learning journey.

My phone-a-friend friend told me to take a photo on my phone and email it to myself and all would be well. I needed to find something appropriate to take a photo of. A Dadamac Connect button seemed appropriate – but I needed to pin in it onto someone or something – and it wasn’t going to be me. I’ve solved that one – we now have a mascot.

I’ve found the camera app on my phone and managed to persuade it that I have no intention of taking a selfie (so will it please focus in the opposite direction). A photo has been taken – well several, as I had trouble finding them once they were taken. I’ve tracked one down and discovered how to mail it to myself. As usual there were choices to be made – and I had no idea what to choose – so I sent myself a series of photos – normal, large, medium and small.

I’m hoping to end the day in triumph (“small step for mankind” and all that – major leap for me). I hope I’ll go to my in box. It will be obvious which size photo I should use. I’ll be able to drag and drop it to my desktop. I’ll click the “add media” button on the edit page for the blog, and “presto” my induction day as a newbie at the Dadamac Connect website will be successfully completed. Or not.

Tomorrow I’ll go out in my new identity, making new connections and pointing people here. I won’t let possible photo-failure stand in the way of my new identity. I’ll publish the blog now and I’ll add the photo when I’ve figured out how.

PS – Evening update – I’m making progress. The photos is here, but it’s not as it should be. The learning curve continues.