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This year I’m looking for ways to share what I’ve learned during the past fifteen years of UK-Africa collaboration and I want to” join up some dots” in more visible ways, hence the appeal of this post by Nick Heap (with my italics):

Networking Human Networks: A necessary step to a better world.

A human network is a loosely organised collection of people who connect with each other to share information, learn and collaborate about a shared interest. Positive human networks have the broad purpose of making the world a better place.

According to Paul Hawken in Blessed Unrest, there may be two million of them now. They work in conservation, social justice, economic development, education, health, personal development, the arts, politics, building peace and many other fields.


We have come so far as a species because we are able to work together. If we are to continue to thrive, we must get even better at it. One way is for the positive human networks to work together more effectively.

A modest proposal

We need to help the wonderful positive networks that are already doing do much good work to work together. The networks need to network.


Do you want to be part of this?

See full post –Networking Human Networks: A necessary step to a better world.

by Nick Heap

Facilitator of Change, Development and Learning