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Meeting Teal:

My journey with Teal began when Andy Paice wrote about Teal organisations on Enlivening Edge and someone sent the link to me. It looked interesting. The following week, to my surprise, during a couple of Face-to-Face (F2F) Meetups in London I came across Teal ideas again. I read “Reinventing Organisations” (the book introducing Teal ideas). Then I came across a newly forming group “Teal for Startups” (T4S).

T4S was going to produce a Teal for Startups workbook.

I wanted that workbook because I was in the process of starting-up something new. I could see that the structures and philosophy described in  “Reinventing Organisations” would be a good fit. This meant that I wanted the T4S workbook to guide me on my way, and I wanted it now – but it was yet to be written.

Fortunately the T4S group was inviting people to join, so I joined. It seemed like the fastest way to learn what would be in the workbook.

Connecting Teal and Holacracy

The ideas of  holacracy and Teal organisations are closely connected in my mind.

The first time I actually heard someone mention Teal was during the introduction to a meetup which featured a  practical holacracy session. (Co-incidentally that meetup happened the day after I’d read Andy Paice’s article on Teal.)  A couple of years previously I’d been on a holacracy day course and it had stayed in my mind as something I wanted to explore in practice.

When I saw the holacracy meetup advertised it seemed the ideal opportunity for a personal revision session. I wanted to reconnect with holacracy ideas and people. Some of the people I met at that meetup reappeared later at Teal meetings with George Por.

Thanks to those connections I now have the opportunity for some practical holacracy experience. I have been offered some unexpectedly affordable coaching and facilitation in holacracy. I’m at the stage of finding out who would like to join me in this practical experiment and learning journey into a holacracy-teal-start-up.

Making the best use of the holacracy opportunity

It may help you to better understand what I’m doing if you think of my holacracy-teal initiative as the opportunity for a “practical learning-by-doing experiment in holacracy”. This doesn’t mean that it’s not “a teal start-up” Both descriptions are true. However for each description the emphasis is different.

The “practical learning-by-doing experiment in holacracy” emphasises holacracy as a container, or process, or way of behaving. This “container” is relevant for many different kinds of organisation. The “start-up that is a teal organisation” is the content that will be placed in the container. I have some ideas about this content, and the purpose of the organisation, and its sustainability, but these aren’t fixed. They will emerge as I discover who will join me in the experiment. The only thing that is fixed is that I have the opportunity to do the holacracy experiment.

Where I am now

I’ve been discussing this holacracy opportunity with various friends and contacts. I published the result of those discussions on June 21st 2016 – see 10 questions for FASST (a future-focussed experiment with holacracy and teal)

On June 22nd I shared that post in a Teal for Startups (T4S) online meeting, and discovered some fellow T4S people with an interest in holacracy. This post is written largely with the T4S people in mind, but I also have other friends and contacts that I may share it with later. They will be people with relevant interests, including:

  • Holacracy
  • Effective collaboration
  • Learning-by-doing
  • Learning-together
  • Co-creating knowledge
  • Finding ways to share knowledge freely and also earn money from doing so (so that other day-jobs are not required to subsidise the knowledge creation work)

The content of the holacracy experiment will emerge as interested people gather around the idea.