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Over and over I find that I don’t know how much I need to stop until I stop. In the midst of all the busyness of doing, when I manage to slow down and touch even a little bit of stillness– to be with my breath, to feel my body– it is such a relief! The speed of daily life has its own momentum and as long as I’m carried along by it, I don’t even notice it, until I stop and touch into a radically different way of simply being that is extremely replenishing and restful.

This is the first aspect of mindfulness: to help us to slow down, stop, calm, and rest, so that we can heal.

This pause can be very instructive. When I stop, I have the chance to connect to the many things going on in me that need kindness, care, and slowing down in order to attend to. The little space that opens up around and between things that had been all jumbled up in the stream of constant thinking, allows me to see my situation more clearly, to remember my priorities, and for insights to arise in response to my daily challenges.

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