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Funding and IP- Can you Navigate the Legal Jungle?!

This could be useful for my friends at Start-up Tribe as well as for me. I’m looking with interest at Lawbite – Legal Advice for Small Businesses – lawbite website. I’ve just booked for their lunchtime session at Westminster Hub

The legal jungle can be daunting for small businesses. Hard to get through, very irritating and preferably to be avoided. It can also be very costly, which is no doubt why research shows that fifty percent of small companies don’t even bother using lawyers. This is despite the risks for revenues, profits, and their exit dreams by not taking care of business.

In this interactive session Clive Rich, the founder and chairman of LawBite – an online legal platform providing Simple Law for Small Companies – will workshop two case studies showing common legal bear traps small businesses encounter and how to deal with them. Subjects covered  include contracts for funding and IP. The case studies are fun (honestly!) but the practical tips are of lasting value and will help your start-up stay safe and sound at a price you can afford.

It’s also a great opportunity for you to ask questions about any concerns you may have about the law and your business and about how LawBite could help you.

The session will last 90 minutes and is free to attend. Don’t get left behind in the Legal Jungle… it’s dangerous out there on your own!

more info and to book