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Monday – so I started the day at “The Start your Working Week Club” It’s good to get up on a Monday with the impetus of knowing that officially my working week is about to begin – and someone will notice if I turn up late. Plus there is the friendly welcome we always get from the staff at Deli Nene.

In the afternoon I worked at my current “day job”.

The evening was my first ever visit to the Costume Institute of the Africa Diaspora (CAID) for a presentation on “Scarification and Body Modification”. It included facial tribal markings, which I know well, mostly from my older Yoruba friends. There were also some amazing effects,  almost like sculpture on people’s bodies. Some of it I found beautiful, and some not, but it must all have been horrendously painful, so I have very mixed feelings about it.

Thinking of UK equivalents – I don’t know how painful it is to be tattooed, but the body modification”Ouch! factor” of waxing, or ear-piercing  seemed a decidedly trivial scrap of inconvenience by comparison to what we’d seen. More on Scarification and Body Modification