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I was at Changing Tunes event at St George’s Festival for Beckenham.

Idea – I’ve been looking for ways to express the ideas I have ref Landscape of Change, I’m looking for artists who will “get it” and help me to help the confused, dispossessed, “Reluctant Time Travellers” to make sense of their situation and have courage and a sense of shared identity and not being alone.

I’ve drafted this email to some of the Changing Tunes team.

Changing Tunes at St George’s Follow up

Following the Changing Tunes event at St George’s Church I hope to explore with you an idea I had about asking your musicians to help me. Maybe it could become something the SE group would be interested in.
It’s in connection with something I’m doing where I need one or more songs composed (and ideally recorded and put on you tube).

The song(s) need to be inspirational and from the heart – not something trite. They need to offer some hope (and a feeling of not being alone) to some people facing challenging situations. The people need to be encouraged. They need to feel brave enough to re-imagine and rebuild their lives. They need songs which can be like marching songs and anthems and mantras. These are to help people who need to start again, and are feeling confused, ill-prepared and isolated.

I think that musicians like yours, with the experience they have of needing to build new lives, would be perfect to help me find a way to create and share the music that is needed. I have no budget, but if the outcome was something that was recorded and sold they could keep any money the recording generated, and I would help to promote the recording through my networks.

This is something I have genuinely been looking for for a long time. I need help from people with the time, talent and appropriate life experience. Maybe nothing suitable would emerge – but given the talent we saw yesterday from Changing Tunes it seems very possible that something might. And if it did – wow .. what a lot of different ways there would be benefits.

Could we explore the idea.