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Where am I now?

It’s Wednesday – so it was the Wednesday morning meetup with other locals who work from home, five of us today. The group seems to be taking hold.

It’s over a week since I signed up for the Teal for startups group (following George Por’s Teal Practice Group meetup on Friday Nov 27th) and I haven’t made any kind of formal contribution yet. However I am thinking deeply about it and how to apply it, which will the basis for any contributions I do make.

I’m on page 273 of Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux – so I’m learning the Teal ideas, and exploring how I can apply them.  I’ve given copies to Nikki and to Andy of FocalLocal. To Nikki, because we’re looking at how Dadamac Foundation can grow next year and we need to have  an appropriately organic structure to enable it to happen.  To Andy, because he was talking of the need for people who do FolcalLocal things to define roles for themselves, rather than ask him to give them tasks.

There is no way there would ever be a job specification for the “Pamela McLean off-piste” PA  – but I can imagine  a future  Aha! Moment of Recognition when  a cluster of things come together and someone  says (part seriously, part joking) “Hmm – looks like we’ve discovered what the Pamela McLean off-piste PA  does!” That would be very Teal.

Regarding Dadamac Foundation, Nikki and I often talk about Dadamac DNA. If we find people who “get it” regarding that DNA and are aligned with it then we could to go forward in a Teal way.

TQ reckons that even if I get all the the help I’d like with the practicalities of Dadamac Foundation I’ll still be left with more things I’d like to do than I can reasonably do unaided. He thinks I need help beyond my Dadamac Foundation activities (what a lovely idea). TQ expanded on the idea, suggesting a PA for this wider area of activity which he dubbed ‘Pamela McLean off-piste’. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the PA but ‘Pamela off-piste” is rapidly becoming a “meaningful phrase” amongst those who know me well. I find  myself imagining what life would be like if I had one. (How might it emerge in a Teal way…)  It’s an interesting exercise – a bit like an “if I won the lottery” conversation (less materialistic but a similar way to define big dreams and then recognise achievable mini-versions).

Other things progressed today

  • Providing missing information for the draft of the story around John Dada and Dadamac – for the collection of ten stories from the diaspora.
  • The “initiatives” feature on Connect
  • Decluttering (small but significant)