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You asked me for “a few simple clues from you about your interest areas” and “links where I can read more about your thinking and work” – so here goes:

Some links to choose from:

When I started to find some links for you I had no idea what I’d put, so I decided to start with “What I’m thinking and doing now” and see where that might lead. As I got going I realised that it would be useful for me to have a wide collection of links readily to hand for other purposes, so these are as much for me as for you. There is rather more here than you need. It is offered for you to dip in to.

A biography See Who am I?

My current roles  – I’m seeing  myself in four roles connected with being a traveller through the Landscape of Change. The roles are “Explorer”,”Pioneer”,”Chronicler” and “Guide”…. See #LandscapeOfChange and #XH2027

Landscape of Change – I’ve written elsewhere about the Landscape of Change – some of it is searchable here on DadamacConnect, some is parked on twitter #LandscapeOfChange, and some in other places.

XH2027 – XH2027 is short for Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven It is an event – and you are invited – see It grew out of the ideas I was writing about for Exponentially Human.

Exponentially Human – is the title of a chapter I’ve written for a book called 50:50 – Scenarios for the Next 50 Years. For more about the book see call for chapters – sent out late 2016 I believe it’s publication date is March 1st (Futures Day) 2018

Federated Wiki – I have been involved with the Federated Wiki since February 2017 see  Connecting with Ward Cunningham and Federated Wiki

Exponentially Human on Federated Wiki – One of my early experiments in using Federated Wiki was to write up some thoughts about Exponentially Human – see One of the (many) useful features of Federated Wiki is the way it is possible to select a series of links to share – see this link for an example which shows such a series, ending with information about “The Leap”.

The Leap – The Leap is an idea that developed while I was writing Exponentially Human.  See The Exponential Leap (26 May 2017 viewpoint)  Although that post was written over five months ago it remains accurate (November 2017).  However, things move on, so I now have more details in my mind about the content and the technology. Many of those details have been influenced by the collaborative aspect of Federated Wiki, by new features that David Bovill has been adding, and by some work we did together in collaboration with people in the Dadamac UK-Africa network.

Dadamac – Dadamac is short for “John Dada and Pamela “Mac” McLean and their networks”. Dadamac emerged from a previous network called “Cawdnet” that had emerged from work that was the vision of the late Peter Adetunji Oyawale. It’s a long story, going back to 2000. The shape of Dadamac continues to change, depending on who is involved.

John Dada – When I was searching the Internet for help with Peter’s project the only person to offer support was John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation in Nigeria. For an introduction to Fantsuam Foundation (FF) see this short video made at FF in 2008 (I’m in the background twice between 3.08 and 3.12 minutes). For John’s work related to the Internet see this short video recorded in London in January 2015.

Influences on my thinking –  I put together this collection of initiatives and influences a year or more ago (it is now November 2017) so the collection could do with updating. However, as the saying goes “A mind once stretched by an idea never returns to its original shape” – all the influences remain valid.

Practical experience and what I’ve been learning

My thinking is all based on experience and reality. My present and future ideas are best understood by some reference to the past.

My practical work began back in the 1970s, when I experimented with user interface design so that my micro computer could be of use with the very youngest children in my infant class. That work was published under the name of Pam Fiddy.

Since 2000 my explorations have related to connections enabled by the Internet but not limited by its boundaries – initially the connections were between London and rural Nigeria. We have used a combination of communication networks. We began with a mixture of Internet (me at home in UK to urban cyber cafes in Nigeria) supplemented by traditional person-to-person message communication between urban and rural locations (to take messages from cyber cafes to specific people and places). We have experienced the roll out of digital technology in Nigeria as it has happened. I am interested in the social dynamics of online meeting spaces, and the challenges and opportunities presented by cross-cultural collaboration at a distance.

The emphasis on people and the use of communication technology against the odds (rather than an emphasis on the latest technology  for its own sake) is how I gained many of the insights that have fed into my ideas of:

  • The Invisible Revolution
  • The Landscape of Change
  • Reluctant Time Travellers
  • Exponentially Human

Relevant links are scattered around and I may search more out later – meanwhile you can ask me for specific things.

Checking back to your original request for information

Checking back to the threads where you prompted me to write this post I see references to Teal for Statartups Wealth Stream and MOOCs. We’ve also previously touched on links with Africa.

Just a couple of points on those:

  • Ref wealth – I find it easier to enter discussions about wealth:
    • From a 2027 perspective
    • Also by looking at the considerable non-financial wealth of Dadamac
  • Ref Teal for Startups – That is a topic that can be easier to enter from:
    •  A 2027 perspective
    • Beginning with collaborations of individuals seeing themselves as Holacracies of One
    • Using ideas from Delia McNamarra’s work on the Boundary Triage
  • Ref MOOCs (and xMOOCS and pMOOCS):
  • Ref UK-Africa my interests are on three levels:
    • Conversations and initiatives with and for John Dada and other people I met because of knowing Peter Adetunji Oyawale (several new initiatives this year not yet written up).
    • Involvement with “the entity” that is Dadamac – which is mainly the “visibility on the Internet” side of things (I have not had so much involvement with that since the end of 2015 but am returning to it now and am starting to post on its latest website
    •  Work on a meta level related to my UK-Africa connections and knowledge – which is an ongoing thread behind everything

We can look at those topics when we connect again. I hope the reading of this will be as useful to you as the thinking about it has been for me. Thank you both for being the catalysts for this post.