I came across the idea of Teal organisations through this post  – Bridging U.Lab and Teal: a Personal, Collective and Societal Journey –  by Andy Paice.

His post also introduced me to Enlivening Edge – a magazine of next-stage organizations (for more on Teal organisations go to Enlivening Edge and type Teal into the search box)

More about Teal Organisations and Dadamac Connect

I’ve read the book that introduces the idea of Teal organisations  –   Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux and liked it so much that I gave Nikki a copy too.

I joined the Teal for Startups – Working Group after attending  Experience the practice of reinventing organisations organised by Anna Betz and George Por

Reinvent Your Organisation: a Participatory Event with George Pór is in my diary for January 13th, 2016 6:30 PM at St. Ethelburga’ s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace (London) – registration

Dadamac Connect as a Teal Organisation

(This section was updated on July 22nd 2016)

At one time there was an idea that Dadamac Connect would develop as a Teal organisation.

That idea now has a new name. It has evolved to become the Teal and Holacracy based organisation “FASST”.

Dadamac Connect has become a personal online space where I can do my “thinking out loud”. It is a continually evolving resource that I can draw on to help others understand miscellaneous connections between people, places and developing ideas.

Dadamac Foundation as a Teal Organisation

Nikki Fishman and I are both active co-founders in a UK-Africa initiative called Dadamac Foundation that offers a new approach to international development (see Dadamac Foundation website). We have agreed that as Dadamac Foundation grows it will do so in an organic way, as a Teal Organisation, guided by Teal practices and processes. To oversimplify what this means to us:

  • People who work with Dadamac Foundation will explore how their own purpose aligns with the purpose and “DNA” of Dadamac Foundation
  • They will be part of an organisation which considers their needs as well as the needs of the organisation
  • They will be self-directed
  • They will define the role(s) they are interested in taking
  • They will agree what they are accountable for
  • They will agree what they will put into and get out of Dadamac Foundation – which is largely a voluntary endeavour, with excellent opportunities for personal development, meeting inspiring changemakers and “making a difference”.

(This addition was made on July 22nd 2016: For more on the relationship between Dadamac Foundation and Teal see  – Updating Dadamac.org on the FASST experiment)