I came across Holacracy – see What is Holacracy – thanks to a brief introduction at Impact Hub Westminster given by Nick Osborne (who describes himself as an entrepreneur in the business of shifting paradigms; co-founder of Conscious Collaboration, Evolving Organisation and Learning Edge with whom he works as a Trainer, Consultant and Presenter).

Both Nikki and I have attended Nick’s one day workshops – see UK Workshops. We decided to try to apply the ideas, as we understood them, in our collaborative work – see Dadamac Holacracy Lite.

The ideas that stuck with us most strongly were:

  • Circles rather than hierarchical structures
  • Roles rather than job specifications
  • Accountabilities relating to roles
  • Meetings that address tensions relating to roles  and accountabilities i.e. What is the tension that someone want to raise at a meeting? What role, if any, is accountable for whatever is causing the tension? What can everyone connected with it do about resolving the tension?
  • Clear, tight strategies for running meetings
  • Three different kinds of meetings – depending on the purpose of the meetings

More connections

On October 27th 2015 I went to a “revision session” – Let’s get a feel for Holacracy in action – It was a ResponsiveLeaders Meetup organised by Sally McCutchion

ResponsiveLeaders was inspired by www.responsive.org

Nick Osborne facilitated the practical role playing part of the event www.evolvingorganisation.com

I attended a couple of days after first hearing about Teal organisations and was interested to hear Teal ideas referred to during the meetup – see Teal Organisations and Teal for Start-ups.