Enlivening Edge is the online magazine of “next-stage organizations” and the transitions to Teal.

Enlivening Edge website says – This site is hosted in loving service to all women and men engaged in reinventing organizations, introducing self-management, committing to an evolutionary purpose, and creating enlivened workplaces where people can work with more joy, freedom, and fun.
Enlivening Edge doesn’t belong to us, its originating team, but to all of you in the global ecosystem of reinvention movements. We invite you to GET INVOLVED and help EE grow from a seedling to a sturdy tree with innumerable fruits for all. More >>

The about page – gives a flavour of its unique mixture of online magazine and welcoming co-learning community.

Enlivening Edge was founded by George Pór in 2015. I’ve admired his work since I came across it when he set up the School of Commoning, and I’ve been influenced by his thinking and practical action. I appreciate the accessible way he is “bringing emerging things together” in Enlivening Edge, and the opportunities he offers for involvement.