The first two principles of presencing:

For today (Sunday January 3rd) I’m looking at p21 of the course book and the first two principles of presencing which I’ve copied below – For context see Dadamac Foundation 2016 and U.Lab – Learning by Doing

1 – Energy follows attention

Energy follows attention i.e. we need to shift attention from what we are trying to avoid to what we want to bring to reality.

2 – Follow the three movements of the U

Follow the three movements of the U:

  • a) Going down the U: Observe, observe, observe.
  • b) A the bottom of the U: Retreat and reflect; allow the inner knowing to emerge.
  • c) Going up the U: Act in an instant.

Observe, observe, observe.

Stop downloading and totally immerse yourself in the places of most potential, in the places that matter most to the situation you are dealing with.

Retreat and reflect; allow the inner knowing to emerge.

Go to the places of stillness where knowing comes to the surface. Here you share and reflect on everything that you have learned from a deep place of listening, asking “What wants to emerge here?””How does that relate to the journey forward?” and “How can we become part of the story of the future rather than holding on to the story of the past?”

Act in an instant.

Explore the future by doing. Develop a prototype. A prototype explores the future by doing something small, speedy and spontaneous; it quickly generates feedback from all the key stakeholders and allows you to evolve and iterate your idea.

How does that theory play out in practice?

I’ll try a personal exploration of how that theory is playing out in practice.

Principle 1 – Energy follows attention

Does energy follow attention?

An idea that has just occurred to me is that in my own UK-Africa involvement (which lead to Dadamac Foundation) things seem to have been the opposite way round, i.e. attention (mine) following the energy of others.

I’ll explore the idea that the energy of others has attracted my attention, as I consider what has attracted my attention since 2000 and taken me into areas of activity where my skills, curiosity and creativity could find some outlets. This will also serve as an introduction to Dadamac Foundation and my relationship to it, see – U.Lab and the lead-up to Dadamac Foundation

Principle 2 – Follow the three movements of the U (link to be added +++++++++++++++++++++)