In U.Lab there is an emphasis on “leading from the emerging future” and that is what I want to explore regarding Dadamac Foundation in 2016.

I don’t expect to find that other people who share my interest in U.Lab will have an equal interest in Dadamac Foundation, nor that other people who have an interest in Dadamac Foundation and UK-Africa connections will share my interest in U.Lab and in “leading from the emerging future”. However, in my own life all three are connected, and this page offers a connecting point between them.

I don’t know what my role will be regarding Dadamac Foundation in 2016, but if it is in a position of leadership then I would want to be leading in a “learning by doing” way related to U.Lab. (and Teal organisations and Holacracy – see Initiatives for links to more on those topics).

U.Lab leadership

U.Lab leadership involves much attention to:

  • Shifting the inner place from which we operate
  • Being present
  • Suspending the three enemies:
    • Voice of of doubt and judgement (VoJ)
    • Voice of cynicism (VoC)
    • Voice of Fear (VoF)
  • Learning to have:
    • Open Mind – suspend old habits of thought
    • Open Heart – empathise, see the situation through the eyes of another
    • Open Will – to let go and let the new come

For more context see Dadamac Connect notes on U.Lab and the course book  – Leading from the Emerging Future by C. Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, 2013

Applying theory U

The U.Lab course is about applying theory U to transforming business, society and self.

Ref business

Dadamac Foundation is a registered charity, but it’s not a traditional one, and it has much to learn from U.Lab theory and it’s practice regarding the transformation of business.

Ref society

The work of Dadamac Foundation relates to UK-Africa connections and societal change. This is on a local level regarding the initiatives that are being led by the  changemakers connected to Dadamac Foundation. It is also on a global level regarding how those local initiatives relate to each other and to global developments such as Sustainable Development Goals, and new approaches to International Development.

Ref self

That’s probably the hardest bit – knowing where to place myself in any description of Dadamac Foundation.

I joke to my fellow “U.Labbers” that one reason I haven’t finished the U.Lab course yet is because I’m still stuck on my homework for week one, which is about developing my listening skills. I copied the example of another student who decided his listening homework would be to  “not interrupt”. Practising that is still a work in progress in my own case.

This emphasis on self may come over as somewhat self-absorbed, but it is part of the U.Lab approach, and  so I need to bring it here in my exploration of Dadamac Foundation and U.Lab

The first two principles of presencing:

For today (Sunday January 3rd) I’m looking at p21 of the course book and the first two principles of presencing. I’ll write about that on a separate page called Dadamac, U.Lab and principles of presencing 1 and 2