The vision behind the Before I Die Network (BIFN) is  best understood through a heartfelt blog written by the founder Olivia Comberti in November 2015 –  On running an organisation that supports people to find their life direction, while losing sight of your own

Elsewhere the Before I Die Network is variously described as:

The issues that Olivia and her peers are facing as they come out of university are indicative of the deep trends and challenges addressed in the U.Lab course on transforming business, society, and self – see initiatives – U.Lab  (It’s also relevant to discussion by the “education ladder to a certain good job myth” Dougald Hine and others)

@Doug Morrison introduced me to BIDN. Given he was going along to one of the workshops I decided to go along too – even though I’m not exactly the target age group. I found it inspirational and thought provoking, and went back for a couple more workshops.

I’m definitely not a recent graduate, but I am interested in what I will have done before I die, and I’m also very interested in deep systemic change – including changes in the worlds of learning and of earning. I applaud the work of BIFN – for its vision, honesty, and approach. I appreciate the fact that, despite my age, I’ve have been welcomed in as a participant.

Olivia ran the pre-Christmas BIDN at Hub Brixton – my side of the Thames – so I went along to reconnect with BIDN, and experience another session of taking time to look ahead, dream big and be encouraged. Olivia has started to do more to build an ongoing, supportive, BIDN community beyond the workshop experience, not an easy thing to do, but hugely important. There is an overlap between our visions. I appreciate and admire Olivia’s work in BIDN and I hope there may be opportunities to do more together during 2016.