It’s New Year’s eve and and I happened to see a post Reinventing Yourself by George Por

I’d been thinking forward to 2016 regarding U.Lab, what I’ve learned about Teal organisations and holacracy, and where Nikki, Dadamac Foundation and I might be going in the new year. One of the big U.Lab messages seems to be, when in doubt don’t try to make anything happen, just do some more work on yourself to be ready for whatever the future is presenting.

George wrote that

People in Teal-inspired companies are frequently asking, what is the essential quality of an individual at the Teal stage of development? To answer in 10 words or less, I’d say:  sensing, thinking, speaking, acting beyond “small self”, with increasing consistency. The next question I hear from them is what it takes to get there? What do we need to strengthen in ourselves to develop that quality of being?

He goes on with some practical suggestions.

I’m reading his post as a starting point for a possible “personal development curriculum” – not exactly a New Year’s Resolution but something to give me a bit of direction as I leave 2015.

I’m jotting this down – to revisit once the year gets started.


If I free the vision of Dadamac’s information commons from the limits and problems of “Dadamac Foundation the organisation” then perhaps it can be more teal. If I look at the growth of the information commons then it can more “do it’s own thing”.

Nikki and I have already done demonstrators of different parts of the system. If we just keep going round the development spiral then …. I think I begin to see how it might work.

I can sketch out some first ideas here with linked pages – but perhaps I’ll need some kind of wiki soon –  as it starts growing.

I’m reminded that when we started the site one of its first objectives was to serve as a discussion space for an online conversation that didn’t have an appropriately open place to continue.

Dadamac Foundation Audit

Nikki and I have been saying for ages that it would be helpful to do a Dadamac Foundation audit. That would tie in with the “wealth section” of the teal working group structure. That would be useful homework to do – Wealth (Value, Resources & Rewards, The Community Wealth or Abundance)Observations & Insights.