Here I’m making notes on Dadamac Foundation as we end 2015 and begin 2016.

Nikki Fishman and I have long recognised that the wealth of Dadamac Foundation lies in its non-material resources, and we have talked of doing an audit of Dadamac Foundation’s wealth. My involvement in Teal and the existence of the Development Map – Teal for Startups section on Wealth (Value, Resources & Rewards, The Community Wealth or Abundance) is encouraging me to move forward on writing something.

I’ll copy the Wealth section below and add my comments in italics.


Wealth (Value, Resources & Rewards, The Community Wealth or Abundance)

  • The wealth of a startup (or an organisation or network such as Dadamac Foundation – maybe I’ll call it an “emerging”  for now)–  such as time, monetary value, reputation, resources and developing eco-systems. Reward structure is the distribution method describing how to share value across the organisation.

Observations & Insights

  • Startups / “emergings” need resources to achieve their goals. For some this might be as simple as the founder(s) finding time to work on the business for others it might be a some kind of financial investment. This stream includes two related themes.
    • For an emerging like Dadamac Foundation the goals are influenced by the resources and “energy” within the network
    • See Dadamac Foundation 2016 as a Teal Organisation – Learning by Doing for an introduction to the “why” of Dadamac Foundation and where it may be headed in 2016 – the assumption behind that page is that there will be organisational growth in 2016 based on what was done in 2015.
  • Identifying what is needed and an appropriate resource to fill that need
    • The Dadamac Foundation dynamic is one of meeting needs and serving them, but there are different levels and dimensions to this – see Needs – Meeting and Serving Them in Dadamac +++++ (a page I need to write later).
  • Measures of success which support conversations and requests  around obtaining resources. The interplay between success and gaining resources was seen as integral and forming a spiral pattern as both elements spiral up together.
  • The Teal ideal might not fit well with traditional investors who are looking to maximise returns on investment.
  • A teal startup might benefit from considering non-traditional forms of investment such as crowdfunding, gift economy, crowd-donating etc.
  • Clarity around purpose and the measures of success would help sell the idea to groups or individuals that might provide resources. Ensure the “what’s in it for me?” question is addressed clearly.
  • Successfully gaining resources might be achieved by using the measure of success that is most closely aligned with the source of resources.