This page points to an experiment started (and perhaps also ended) on January 1st 2016 – I won’t point people to this page (nor to most of the pages that will get listed here) – but I’m writing it all within Dadamac Connect in the spirit of open-ness,and later availability of anything that turns out to be useful.  If I had a wiki I might be using that instead.

This is an experiment in letting go and letting come.

It’s part of my de-cluttering and seeing where my focus might be in 2016. It’s a look at what I’ve been doing recently. I hope I’ll find out what is no longer useful and what is of future relevance.

If I had someone to talk this through with I wouldn’t need to write it – but on the other hand by having the conversation with myself in a written form I cut through time and location limitations. By “thinking aloud” this way any part of “the conversation” that may be relevant later will be to hand (to me, or to anyone else who may want it) – and I don’t waste anyone else’s time now as I gather my thoughts.