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I started to write this in the comments box for this evening’s GN21 meeting – Engaging Communities Online with Debates & Campaigns – but realised it was getting too long – so reduced it.This is the longer version.

Francis and Jersey Flight. I just saw this  – having come here to give advance apologies for needing to arrive a bit late this evening. (If it gets too late to sensibIy catch up I’ll wait for the recording.)

Jersey Flight you could not be more wrong. (However I can understand that if you see there are thousands of GN21 members and an annual fee of £15 you may wonder where the money goes. Perhaps it would be to Francis’ benefit to share more of the details, so you would begin to understand the expenses of running something like GN21.)

GN21 is an amazing and wonderful gift that Francis has given to us, which has immeasurably enriched the lives of many people,  enabled countless new friendships, stimulated ideas, provided information, been a springboard for other initiatives, and spearheaded online community building.

I believe it is unique regarding the range of content, the mix of people involved, the variety of online platforms used, plus the range of face-to-face locations and styles of meeting.

I see it as an example of what is best regarding “ways of doing things” that are emerging in our  21st century “connected world”.

It is also a model of a potentially transformed approach to education –  away from “supply led” courses and exams to the exploration of ideas and the sharing of experience.

I have benefitted enormously from being part of G21 and I would guess my fellow beneficiaries would be numbered in thousands, or tens of thousands, or even more.