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I’ve just rejoined U.Lab.Full details below copied from the u.lab newsletter.

I did the course last year, but not in the depth I wanted to, so I’m repeating it.

Afterwards some of us carried on “U.Labbing” together at Kings Cross Hub (see post by Andy Paice – A Collective Breakthrough! U.Lab Prototyping in London)

Registration for u.lab September ’16

Registration for u.lab September ’16 is now open! The course begins September 8th.

u.lab is never the same course twice. We’re always evolving the material and we’re especially excited about the upcoming course: new interactive live sessions, new methods and tools, new examples of Theory U in practice – and you can also earn a verified certificate.

Since we launched u.lab in January 2015, many people have taken the course twice: once for personal change and a second time to explore emerging future possibilities in their organization or community.

Sign up here, and please share the link with colleagues and friends.

Lastly, many of you have heard we’re developing “u.lab 0x”, a 90-minute, self-paced version of u.lab. It will launch mid-August. When it does, we’ll announce it here.

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Adam, Julie, and Otto