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LogoBerr and I went to Hub Westminster on Friday for a cuppa with Quentin Johns. The note in my diary said “Sorting the world” – so we’d allowed ourselves a wide ranging agenda, with the objective of clarifying areas of overlap. We’re both interested in deep systemic change, from big vision to practicalities. Unsurprisingly Holacracy came up in our conversation.

LogoBerr_hubW_resized_1Holacracy also featured in several conversations I had on Tuesday at Culturevist: Org Culture in Charitiesevent details. I love the way Matthew Partovi organises these events, and the people he gets there.There’s a good mix of “focus time” and “freedom time” – and always a buzz of new contacts and ideas.

The speakers gave useful perspectives on “charity culture” and change. To my ears they were adding to the ideas we have in Dadamac Foundation regarding the differences between traditional top-down structures and the horizontal structures of the Internet-based world where Dadamac has grown up.

GIven the topic of organisational change, and given Matthew was one of the people who were telling me about their interests in Holacracy I suggested he should have Holacracy (and organisations that are using it)  as a  focus for a Culturevists’ session some time.

About Holacracy

Holacracy is a flat organisational structure, which is one reason why we like it for Dadamac Foundation. I’ve written more about our version previously in the “old” site:

Holacracy and organisations collaborating

What I particularly like about Holacracy is the way it addresses tensions, and the clarity it offers about ways to conduct different kinds of meetings.

It seems to me that if two organisations are working according to the principles of Holacracy then collaboration should be easy (or at least easier than it otherwise would be).

I have it in my head how it would work, but have yet to write it anywhere or try it out. I think I need to go back to the Holacracy development circle in Dadamac Foundation to check out the ideas before I launch into anything new. Then I need to check how to take the next steps according to “the way holacracy does it”.

Seems to me I’d need some kind of new role definition related to being outward-looking and finding collaborators from one or more other organisations. My collaborators would have a similar role definition to mine. They would be outward looking from their organisation, interested in collaboration, and ready to create a new inter-organisational circle according to Holacracy principles. It would be an excellent learning-by-doing project, even if we only collaborated on something tiny and short term first time around.

I shall give it some thought.