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The best way I can help you is if we use Kabissa – Space for Change in Africa.

I suggest this because if we only communicate in a one-to-one private way then things will go too slowly. (I become a communication bottleneck). If we communicate in a public way there will be a better chance of getting other people involved.

I have made a start.

I have started to make your needs and interests visible in Dadamac’s space on Kabissa. I wrote something in a “general purpose area” called the “First Thursday Group” (It has connections with an earlier group of that name):

What I wrote on Kabissa

Still crazily busy this month. A mixture of reasons – I won’t list them all.

Regarding First Thursday Group I’m trying to bring other conversations over into this space.

I hope to bring Chief Gbade Adejumo here. I want him to share:

  • what he has been doing regarding Farmers and Pastoralists research
  • how we followed up on that when he was in London earlier this month
  • what we are discussing as possible follow up.

I also want to bring Joanna Norton founder and CEO of Keywords here. @Tobias she is doing amazing stuff related to literacy (and much more) and is going to Uganda soon. She wonders if I can help her with any contacts. Any suggestions from Kabissa?

Joanna – I’m thinking that you might be interested in connecting with the work of a group that meets in London and is to do with STEM subjects and higher education in Africa – I’ll find the link if you ask me.

What I want you to do next

Please go the July First Thursday topic on Kabissa and scroll down until you find my post. Here is the link First Thursday Group 8 – July 2015 – Share your news – and your hopes

Please reply to that post with some more details. Before you can reply you will need to  sign in (or log on if you have signed in previously). Any problems please let me know and we will try to sort them together.