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Matthew Kálmán Mezey posted in Culturevist on Facebook

I – and some other Culturevist/Responsive Org folks – enjoyed a Holacracy introductory training day a little while back. The most revealing part was the actual immersion in simulated Holacracy ‘Governance’ and ‘Tactical’ meetings – which prompted a range of reactions…! 😉

I wrote up the experiences of various participants in this blog post:

Matthew Kalman Mezey shares his experiences – and those of other participants – at the February 2015 Holacracy Introductory Workshop in London. (Next workshop is on May 21st).

Workshop immersion

It felt very timely for me to have this opportunity to join a couple of dozen people to experience together how Holacracy works, having recently heard that Amazon’s CEO is currently keeping a close eye on the big Holacracy implementation going on at Zappos. (One suspects there are more eyes than we realise currently on this novel approach to structuring and running organisations using distributed authority – deciding whether it’s the right time yet to take the leap and try it out for themselves!) more at

Nikki Fishman from Dadamac was there. We’re experimenting with “Dadamac Holacracy Lite”