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Great hints from Akvo

Lets make more videos in 2016

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? My guess is: a lot.

Video has been around for a long time at Akvo. Since the inception of Akvo RSR, videos have been an important way to see and learn about the work being done by our partners, all around the globe. Through video, stories started to come in vividly, from the field, as they happened.

Over almost ten years, our video producing styles have evolved. Multiple distribution channels have emerged; we started publishing them in RSR, our own blog channels, and also in The different ways we communicate with each other internally and with our partners have blossomed and technology has changed the face of video forever. With the full adoption of the smartphone into our daily lives, I’d say video is here to stay. And it will only become more and more important, as anyone can create, edit and publish them, at a very low cost, to tell a story.

Above: My GoPro – my favourite camera for videos. Texel, the Netherlands. Wednesday 23 September 2015. Photo by Paul Burt.

Despite all the proliferation of technology, channels and platforms, the basics on how to approach video recording remain the same. It’s all about storytelling – video is just another medium to choose from.

With this blog I’d like to bring video back into the spotlight of Akvo’s work; to spark the energy to shoot and produce more videos during the second half of 2016. Why? Because it’s a great way to share reality vividly, and a great medium to digest information in shorts periods of time.