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The Global Healthsites Mapping Project is an initiative to create an online map of every health facility in the world. The framework has been built for capturing, publishing and sharing critical health facility related data and to help make these facilities more accessible and relevant to the communities they serve. In the future we plan to support additional domains where it is helpful in humanitarian work.”

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This post is in response to an email about the organisation from a contact. By replying here I’m sharing his information more widely, and sharing information about Dadamac Foundation and the work of one of our changemakers.

My contact  also said   – Lovely to see you last night and chat. I’m interested to know if you are able to find the health clinic you mentioned last night on our site!

We had been talking about John Dada’s clinic, and medical centre at Fantsuam. I know the exact building where the original clinic was, on the main compound of Fantsuam Foundation, in Bayan Loco, Kafanchan, Kaduna State, but I wouldn’t be able to place it accurately on a Google map. The original, tiny clinic took over one of the visitors’ huts.  Later the huts were pulled down to make space for the new, purpose built clinic.

I used to joke I was the first patient, because, even before the hut changed to its medical use, the doctor and nurse had come to look after me there.  I fell ill when I was staying in a visitor’s  hut, and had to be put on a drip for a few days.  Obviously it was no fun, but it was an experience I value. In Nigeria, unlike the UK, the doctor and nurse were people who also knew me when I was well, so I wasn’t just  “a patient”, as I would have been at home, I was still the complete “me” but “an ill version”. It makes a difference.

I haven’t visited the new clinic, but I’ve seen photos.  I think women also come there to give birth. Nikki Fishman knows more about the health  provision at Fantsuam than I do because she wrote all the blogs and, as a nurse, she’s more interested in those details than I am. If you go to the old website and type in words like health and clinic you should get useful information. It may touch on other local medical facilities as well.

The new website for Dadamac Foundation – – is also starting to have content about health provision.