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This post by George Por (with my italics) provides context for ideas I’m exploring through Dadamac’s UK-Africa work regarding:

  • the creation of an information commons
  • preparing for organisational growth as a Teal organisation
  • the relevance of pattern language

Enlivening Edge – Introduction to the January 2016 Issue


Learning innovation

We would like to develop, in collaboration with the team of the Reinventing Organizations wiki, a community knowledge garden, comprised of patterned descriptions of effective Teal practices worth replicating.  If you have any experience with pattern language and/or information architecture, let’s explore how you can help.

If we can get Frederic Laloux and other “reinvention” thought leaders and trailblazing practitioners involved, we’d like to experiment with what a Teal-inspired webinar series might look like. So stay tuned!

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Another possibility we are working on is to wrap the Teal Organizations track of the Integral European Conference 2016 (which EE is curating) in a blanket of “collective intelligence” tools and practices, as a joint effort with the Unleash Network. This will, hopefully, contribute to amplify the collective wisdom and effectiveness of initiatives for reinventing organizations. You’ll find in this issue Chris Clark’s inspiring interview with the founders of the Integral European Conference, Bence Ganti and Dennis Wittrock. Will you join us at the conference in May?

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