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From Principle to Practice: Implementing the Principles for Digital Development

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Development is changing. One major reason why: technology is changing not just how we do business, but the model for development itself.


While the potential is clear, the success of the thousands of projects that have sprung up using technology to close access gaps is less so. Pilots have failed to move into scalable and sustainable programs.


This is an inefficient use of scarce resources. We must do better, both to fulfill our own mandates and, critically, to deliver to the best of our ability for the people we serve.


The Principles for Digital Development can help inform and guide this process. This report is the culmination of rich and detailed discussions about these Principles by more than 500 individuals representing over 100 organizations working in international development. It captures their experiences, insights, questions, and recommendations to inform a landscape of where we are in our understanding of this guidance, and how we can chart a path forward.This report is an important new tool for the development executive seeking to navigate this period of transition, and for others seeking to increase the success of digital development. We welcome your comments at

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