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This is an update for people who are are wondering where they will fit in FASST.

Some of you will be more concerned with the “container” and some more concerned with the “contents” (as covered in  Explaining “FASST = Freedom, Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation ). This post covers the current vision for FASST and how people will get involved.

The initiators

I am setting this up with the help of Sally McCutchion of EvolvingOrganisation

Sally is currently guiding me on my preparation for the launch.

The launch team

From what I have read about the founders of teal organisations I anticipate that the launch team will be up to ten people (including me) plus Sally as facilitator. They will be a mixture of people who are either:

  • Already well versed in holacrary and/or teal organisations – and with some other connection to me around a collaborative endeavour.


  • Connected with me through some collaborative shared interest – and ready to commit to FASST’s holacractic and teal organisational structure.

I’m currently “revisiting” people who have helped me get this far with FASST to firm up who will be involved in the launch. If you’re interested, and we are already connected in some way but I haven’t been in touch please contact me.

The launch

I understand that the launch is normally a two-day event with people meeting together in one location (usually the place where they are already working together). Training is done,. Roles are defined. The situation is captured on the software “glass frog”. At the end of the two days the process is signed off, and from then on the organisation operates as a holacracy.

Once FASST is launched we are all equal in the organisation and any additional power I may have had as the initiator is ended.

Current discussions with possible members of the launch team suggest that, from the start, FASST will be at a variety of locations. This is appropriate. When we grow, our connections will develop through shared interests and collaborative projects not according to where we are geographically.

Operating locally and globally

FASST is an organisation “for Systemic Change”.

FASST is practical and built on experiences gained in previous online initiatives such as Teachers Talking, Mincius Sodas, Pyramid of Peace, Collaboration of the Willing, Dadamac UK-Nigeria collaboration and Teal for Startups. The way that such initiatives work is sometimes hard for people to imagine if they are accustomed to structures that go from local, to regional, to national, to international and then to global, so I will just touch on some main points.

In all of the initiatives mentioned above the main relevance of physical location has related to ease of online collaboration, such as time zones and access to the Internet. Participation has (or had) little to do with geographical or political boundaries, except that geographical locations may give clues to issues of local security and other impediments to participation. The initiatives above are all different, but drawing from them I anticipate that in  FASST some people will  meet face to face as circumstances allow it, but the “home” of the organisation will be as much “online” as it is in any individual physical space.

FASST will have individuals working from wherever best suits their situation  –  home, cafes, shared workspaces etc. The more we are scattered across the globe, the more our “usual ways of doing things” may be culturally diverse, and the less chance we will have to work things out together by meeting face to face  That is why we need to work hard on our organisational culture from the very start.

Growing the FASST community

As FASST culture firms up, and the launch team develops confidence in working together, so we will be able to include more people and a greater variety of initiatives related to Systemic Transformation. This means that if you are interested in FASST but don’t want to be part of the launch team there will be plenty of opportunities to join in later.