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If you are a changemaker – or would like to be one – please read on because FASST could help you to move forward.

This is the final paragraph from “The Story of Imaginal Cells

Our life’s work is to find new and more effective ways to help courageous leaders imagine a better future and work with others to make their dreams a reality.

I’m sharing this quote  because it reflects some of my hopes for FASST and its potential to serve as a vehicle to:

  • Help courageous leaders
  • Imagine a better future
  • Work with others to make dreams for a better future into a reality

(If you are new to FASST see  FASST – an introduction and invitation)

FASST supporting leaders

There are many kinds of leaders.  In The Story of Imaginal Cells the emphasis is on leaders who are working on some kind of transformation within existing organisations. There are also people who are leaders in a different sense. These are people who are leading with ideas and new approaches. They are often working on their own, outside of any well established organisational structure. They are the people I describe as “pioneers and explorers in the Landscape of Change” – more about that in What’s the Good of Landscape of Change?

I hope that leaders, pioneers and explorers will find a natural support group within the FASST community.

Leaders and first followers “making a difference”

I have a vision that, by being part of the FASST community, leaders, pioneers and explorers in the Landscape of Change will find it easier to attract the “followers” that they need. I can see how FASST can attract these followers, people who “want to make a difference”, but don’t know what difference they want to make.  In FASST they can discover their preferred roles  by making themselves useful to the leaders, pioneers and explorers already in the community.

Don’t think you have to start something new. You’re needed as you are.

If you’re uncertain of your passion or direction please don’t think you have to start something new. Notice the message of the video and the vital importance of having the courage to be the first follower.