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FASST stands for “Freedom, Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation”. It is a holacracy and teal experimental initiative. (For information on teal organisations, holacracy, and other influences on FASST see the initiatives page).

“Freedom” refers to teal ideas and the freedom people at the front line have to make their own decisions. They can do this because they can access information and knowledge from within the organisation to inform their thinking and because their individual purposes are aligned with the purpose of the organisation sufficiently to make appropriate choices.

“Accountability and Structure” is a reference to holacracy with its clear accountabilities and structures.

The theories and practices of teal organisations and holacracy provide FASST (Freedom, Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation) with its “culture”. Its culture is the way it goes about things, the behaviours that enable it to do its work and fulfil its purpose.  As for its purpose, that is explained by the “for Systemic Transformation”. Systemic Transformation is the reason for FASST’s existence. There are two equally important elements to FASST, the “container” and the “contents”. “Freedom, Accountability and Structure” relate to the “container” while “for Systemic Transformation” points to the content.

Everyone in the FASST founding team will have some practical concern related to systemic transformation. We will all be committed to running FASST as a holacracy and a teal organisation. Some people will already have relevant teal and/or holacracy  experience.

People currently connecting with FASST are involved in diverse projects. For some, their main roles in FASST will be related to organisational change and how the structures and culture of FASST are developing to serve the needs of a rapidly changing world. Others will be focused on specific projects that are creating change, initially on a small scale, with the potential to be copied and adapted. Such projects can enable large scale systemic transformation by “going viral”. The systemic transformations that concern FASST relate to a world where people and planet can thrive.

For more context and previous thinking see –10 questions for FASST (a future-focussed experiment with holacracy and teal)

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