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This is a great resource for anyone who wants to make sense of their experience of the education system (and how they did or didn’t fit in as a “whole person” – if at all).

The message Sir Ken Robinson gives is that it is okay to not fit comfortably on the treadmill to academia. It’s fine to be less theoretical and more uniquely creative. We are all different and that is ok. In fact our uniqueness is good news, except for when we are being made to fit in the traditional education system.

For me this video made complete sense. It explained why the things I liked to do weren’t included at school,  and why I’ve always been criticised for “being too loud”, for “being a drama queen” and for “waving my hands around too much” (hint – I’m rather like the girl in the dancer anecdote who couldn’t think without moving). In a way it explain why it’s not often “acceptable” to be me as I really am.  I need to act things out – which some people find rather startling and bizarre. Failing a “willing audience” (or one I have captured in some way) I have to write instead to discover what I think (and writing is much slower, more isolated, and less fun).  Alternatively I can stop thinking, “turn the volume down” on who I am, and try to behave quietly.