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I’ve always danced between theory and practice.

When life gets complicated, uncertain or difficult in practice, I like to think that someone somewhere has been there before. I hope to scamper back from the practicalities of “life as it is” for a quick helping of “what other people already know”. I hope to find some kind of theoretical framework and established wisdom to help me dive back into the confusion of practical living and working it out as I go along.

Now I’m getting older I’ve got my antennae out for some theory around what happens now and next.  Today I came across Death Cafes  and  Soul Midwives via an excellent post called  It can be difficult to think about death which I found in the newsletter from the Centre for Ageing Better

I think It’s a great idea to have a place where it’s okay to think aloud in an informal way about getting my affairs in order and miscellaneous options. Knowing I’d got all that stuff tidied up in advance would be one less thing to think about in future, making it so much easier to get on with living life to the full in the meantime.