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Hi Brian.

Here’s the latest update – it’s mainly about prep for the Dadamac Holacracy launch, and its connection to the Holacracy-of-one stuff that I told you about in Update on People, ULab, Holacracy, Teal and more and in our Skype chat.

There are various things I need to get my head around as I move forward with launching Dadamac as a Holacray. I’m thinking about how we define its purpose and where the initial boundaries get drawn. When I say “we” in this context I mean Sally of EmergingOrganisations  and me. This thinking aloud with you is a preparation for the pre-launch conversations I’ll be having with her.

One thing I need to consider, before I talk to Sally, is how much the Dadamac Holacracy and my roles in it will echo my personal Holacracy-of-one roles. (I hope you and I may touch on this in our Skype call this weekend.) Sally and I will need to consider the roles of other people like Nikki and John of course – but perhaps they’ll be defining their roles for themselves.  This open letter is to more self-centred, helping me think about how I fit in.

I’ll therefore start off by sharing with the “Holacracy-of-one” definitions I prepared for my U.Lab continuation group “homework”

Holacracy-of-one roles and purposes

    • Role: Explorer and pioneer in the landscape of change
    • Purpose: To allow imaginative, creative  exploration of future possibilities (both in playful and serious ways) and to encourage people during our migration into an unpredictable future.
    • Role: Holacracy Launcher
    • Purpose: To launch a Holacratic Teal organisation, based on Dadamac’s existing network, initiatives and “DNA” so that its vision can be realised by attracting others to create roles.
    • Role: Innovative systems builder
    • Purpose: To look at how things can be done differently, come up with ideas, prototype them in collaboration with others, see what emerges and build on it.
    • Role: Connector-communicator
    • Purpose: To enable more communication and cross pollination of ideas beyond established organisational boundaries and silos of behaviour and/or thought
    • Role: Pattern hunter and sense-maker
    • Purpose: To make sense of things in ways that can be communicated as patterns and images of experience, to help people benefit from each other’s experiences and knowledge.
    • Role: Teacher/learner and knowledge co-creator
    • Purpose: To ask questions and explore answers on my own and with others, sharing knowledge and skills, and gaining new insights.
    • Role: Caregiver
    • Purpose: To support and nurture people who are close to me in some way (including myself) so we can flourish, and also to steward places we share (especially my home).

Holacracy Launcher

Obviously the role “Holacracy Launcher” is relevant in playing my part to set up Dadamac as a Holacracy, but how much will my other roles belong in it? Where shall I suggest drawing the initial boundaries around the Dadamac Holacracy?

The idea behind making Dadamac a Holacracy is to get greater clarity regarding what it does and how it does it, so that is can grow without needing some kind of top-down command and control structure.

I’m the one in Dadamac with the most interest in exploring organisational structures etc.

The more of my interests I can include in this Dadamac exploration of Holacracy  the more time and energy I’ll be free to devote to helping the Dadamac Holacracy to flourish and grow, which I hope will benefit everyone already involved and people who will get involved later.