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Dadamac Day is an annual celebration of a UK-Africa collaboration. Every year is different.

All Dadamac Days are special to us but some are more remarkable than others – such as Dadamac Days in 2005, 2009, 2013, 2014 – and this year’s which is happening on Monday November 9th. Here are some Dadamac Day highlights.

This year

You could call Dadamac Day 2015 “The Adventures of Dadamac Foundation and the Changemakers” but its official title is “The Power in your Story: Storytelling and Action”.

One thing we’ve learned is that if Dadamac Foundation is to share the stories of more changemakers then we must also share the story of Dadamac Foundation itself so that it can grow, and we need evidence on video as this Dadamac Day 2013 video demonstrates.

So this year we are running an event with a different emphasis, it’s about learning to tell our stories.

We are keeping in mind all the people who won’t be at the event as well as those who will, so we are planning not only for the event, but for how we’ll share our story afterwards by video, online and with follow-up story telling sessions.

Dadamac Day 2014

Dadamac Day 2014 was a totally new approach for us. We organised a webinar. Francis Sealey kindy gave us the GlobalNet21 webinar platform to use – on condition that we provided the necessary people to run in it. That meant the admin needed to set things up, and practice and plan, and to actually run the thing.

Someone (and there was no-one but me available) had to do the “online chairing” and general ‘keeping things together’ (reassuring people and keeping cool if the connections played up). Not my comfort zone at all.  Fortunately Francis kindly kept an eye on things in the background and all was well.  Another special annual celebration.

Dadamac Day 2013

Dadamac Day 2013 was special for a different reason. Instead of our usual at-a-distance link up with John Dada and others on the African side of Dadamac we had John in the UK in person. He is seldom to be found in London, but November 2013 was an exception, as he was going to be in the UK and could manage to get to London for a day. Thanks to GobalNet21 and Impact Hub Westminster we were able to arrange an event in central London with John as the main speaker – this video captures what people thought of it –

Dadamac Day 2009

In 2009 the date we had chosen for Dadamac Day clashed with BarCamp Africa (at that time an annual event in London, and one that Nikki Fishman and I didn’t want to miss). We turned the problem into an opportunity.  The organisers of BarCamp Africa welcomed us to celebrate “Dadamac Day 2009″ as a fringe event – so we were able to be present at both.

It was special on the Fantsuam (Nigeria) side as well. The celebrations there included a performance by a local choir that had recently won a competition. Most of the time in our UK-Africa connections there is only enough bandwidth for typing text. It is a huge challenge to get sound, or vision or any kind – but on Dadamac Day 2009 we made it briefly. I think John must have persuaded every other Internet user served by Zittnet (the Fantsuam ISP) to turn off their internet connections for a while so Dadamac Day could have all the bandwith available.

The choir performed in at Fantsuam and over at BarCamp Africa in London we heard them singing. We also saw them – but not at the same time as we heard them. The image was ‘blocky” but wteh excitement was huge. We saw them and we heard – and we all did a lot of excited typing as well. A very special celebration.

Dadamac Day 2005

Our very first “anniversary event” was in 2005. It was a simple yahoo chat. It re-united people in Nigeria and the UK who had participated in the Teachers Talking course at Fantsuam in Kaduna State in 2004 – Teachers Talking

A continuing adventure

It’s been quite a journey so far – and a continuing adventure. I look forward to discovering where “The Adventures of Dadamac Foundation and the Changemakers” will take us all by Dadamac Day 2016.