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I’ve copied this link because it gives context to why I’m initiating the FASST experiment. I’ve copied the last few paragraphs for the summary and to remind myself of the writer’s viewpoint (the italics are mine).  For the full post see Creating ‘future fit’ organizations today by Giles Hutchins

He concludes his article thus:

This regenerative living business approach goes beyond new leadership techniques, sustainable product innovation, process re-engineering and the crafting of purposeful mission statements and ethical values charters. Regenerative business is a fundamentally different logic, a timeless logic, drawing on the deep wisdom of life.

To summarize, we are in the midst of a metamorphosis. This crucial time bears witness to a profound window opening between two worldviews, that of the outdated yet still prevalent logic of yesterday (with its hallmark models, mind-sets and metrics) and the dawn of our emerging future whereupon the perceptions and practices of yesterday melt amid the heat of the moment, alchemically reconfiguring new pathways, perspectives, principles and behaviors. The ancient Greeks called such a time Kairos — a supreme moment of indeterminable time which, if not adequately engaged and acted upon, may pass us by.

This supreme moment requires us to deepen our perspective of who we are and why we are here both organizationally and personally, enlivening our organizations in the process, and becoming who we were truly born to be.