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This was shared by Charley Quinton. I’m wondering if any of my Unplugged friends, or home education contacts can tell me more about these  resources.

It’s Open Source

Open source reminds me I want to mention Michel Bauwens upcoming course at Schumacher College –

Towards a Commons-Based Political Economy 20-24 April, 2015

River basins

Thinking of Charley reminds of a conversation I had at ICT4D recently – ref water systems and South London, with someone I previously met through Meetups and a session I ran on Landscape of Change.  We were talking about local rivers we know that feed into the Thames. Then we went to the idea of political boundaries being drawn around areas that are fed by the same natural water sources. (I’ve forgotten the word for that. Charley would know it). Charley is interested in this in an area in USA. It’s an idea I first heard about from Andrius Kulikauskas.  I wonder if the three of them might like to connect on this theme at some point.