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Hi Folks

Thank you for the various meetings and conversations that I’ve appreciated in your company during the past week or two. The conversations were separate, but the themes overlapped, and various links I referenced were the same. Hence this post pulling things together, making you known to each other, and, I hope, covering any links I said I’d give you. I hope the bold print will help you to quickly find what is relevant for you.

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Ref The Cube – the meeting I went to on October 18

It was a BrainPlay Meetup – and the meeting was “HOW HAS TECHNOLOGY CHANGED THE WAY WE CREATE SELF IDENTITY?” (their capital letters) –  Check this link sometime in future and see the comments, The organisers will write a summary and will post the link to it in the comments. See also my comment there to Josh about a previous meeting and how it links with my current interests in Artifical Intelligence and what it means to be human. (with luck there will be a reply from him later.) That takes my thoughts to the next topic – but first an admin note

@everyone – an admin note:

If I put your name by a link then the topic following your name definitely came up in our conversation, but if your name isn’t there it doesn’t necessarily mean we didn’t touch on the topic

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Ref the book I’ve been on about related to AI, converging technologies, and the wonderful comparison of exponential growth and of “going bankrupt in two ways” (first very slowly – and then suddenly):-

Book title – Technology vs Humanity – The coming clash between man and machine – Gerd Leonhard –


Relevant to ideas in the book regarding Artificial Intelligence:

1 – TEDtalk Relevant to warnings ref AI having no ethics:

2 – Comment on Facebook following that link “The microsoft twitter AI account experiment proved that interaction with people lead to abuse, lead to the account becoming incredibly unpleasant indeed”:-

Microsoft silences its new A.I. bot Tay, after Twitter users teach it racism [Updated]

For me collaboration and FASST are closely connected

@Chrstopher @Delia @Ana @Berni

I’ve been in contact with each of you today and there were connections, so I want you to know about each other – the connecting theme is collaboration:

@Christopher and I touched on FASST and its structure.

I wanted to check his agreement on a few things that seem to be emerging before I shared them here:

We’re basing the structure of FASST on an adaptation of an idea I picked up at the Enspiral Workshop on Tuesday November 4th – Open Enspiral: Working in a Participatory Organisation

We are ones who are most interested in how we apply Holacracy to our collaborative endeavours within FASST, so given our interest in the processes of FASST as well as what it will enable us to do together we are the start of the “core” group.

Around the core group are other people who are already ‘in FASST”. There’s no “shared identity” name for such a group yet but we do know the first three other people who belong in FASST – and for now I’ll simply call them the “in” group. The three are Brian, Gavin and Andrew. Like Christopher and me, they belong “in” FASST because they are people who started to make FASST real. Their different perspectives on FASST have given it energy and enabled it to take a firmer shape.

Now we have a clearer idea of what FASST is we’ve agreed I’m able to invite anyone into FASST who seems to belong and would help to  shape it. Given FASST is about collaboration we’ll obviously need to be doing something relevant together, which can be as light-touch as  having occasional relevant conversations.

There are other people who have some awareness of FASST and a loose connection to it but are not actively “in”. In a way they define the FASST boundary, so maybe they will get to be called the FASST circle.

At the boundary of FASST are people who have expressed an interest, they’ve given me some advice, or asked a pointed question or something but haven’t yet agreed any formal involvement.

@ Delia came across FASST as part of her PhD research, and contacted me through the dadamacconnect contact page.. She’s interested in the way that FASST embodies ideas that she is studying, and to her the fact that we are just starting out is a benefit. I found the time we spent together energising, encouraging and informative. We agreed to continue the conversation in a fortnight’s time, and that we’d consider it to be happening within the boundary of FASST.

@Ana and I connect via U.Lab. We met online a few weeks back at the end of a live session. We were paired up by the system for the virtual equivalent of “now discus this with the person next to you” – and instead of “next to” Ana was in Brazil and I was in the UK. Today we got together for a follow up call to do another piece of practical work that required collaboration (and involves deep listening with someone you would not usually talk to). We connected so well and on such a deep level that we’ve decided to become study-buddies, meeting once a week to support each other – not just in our studies but in other issues that came up where we are appreciating each other’s perspectives.This also seems good to include within the FASST boundary. Ana is going to share her reflections publicly too on social media – but I forget which platform – except it’s not Twitter or Facebook.

@Berni is another U.Labber. We are in the same learning circle in London, and within that circle (at Kings Cross Impact Hub) we are in the same group of six for case clinics. That’s how I learned about his interest in collaboration. It is the topic that he is working on as his prototype within the course, and I’m in the process of learning more about it. We exchanged further emails about it today.


For more about the course see – Transforming Business, Society, and Self with U.Lab

90 minute taster course – Awareness-Based Systems Change with u.lab – How to Sense and Actualize the Future

And now for something completely different

Someone  wanted this link – 4 minutes to change the habit of a lifetime