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Dear Gbade,

You wrote a comment to me on Facebook saying “I can see that you are into another area of volunteering. What is this holacracy?”.

It’s not an easy question to answer so I’m coming at it from a different angle. I’m writing this so that you see how you have influenced my journey to holacracy. Later when FASST is launched it will be easier to explain about the holacracy angle in FASST. When you see that you will have the answer to your question. You will also be able to see if you would like to get involved.

This post  –The long version of : “My Why” and FASST – gives some of my history and how it led to the holacracy and teal experiment that is FASST. You will see that it goes back to the early days of OOCD 2000+ – and your influence of course.

I didn’t mention names in that post, but of course you and I know that you were the main person in OOCD 2000+ who established the Internet connection between the project in Nigeria and me in UK. Nor did I mention that you have always been my cultural mentor. I hope, sometime in the future when FASST is “on its legs”, that I will have time to revisit some of the memories of those times, and maybe write some of them. In fact, as I write this I have a better idea. Maybe we could write something together about OOCD 2000+. As I think of that I imagine it would make an interesting story. Wow. There would be two very different perspectives.

Gbade – I am thinking back over the fifteen years we have known each other, and the good and bad times, and the many things we have had to discover. So many memories. So many wrong assumptions that I had. So much learning. I am smiling to myself, and also tears are coming to my eyes, because I’m thinking of our first meeting at Peter’s funeral.

Going back to your Facebook comment about me “volunteering” I have never thought of my involvement with you and the OOCD 2000+ people, or with John Dada and the Fantsuam Foundation people in that way. When I think of “volunteering” I think of other things I have done as a volunteer to help organisations in UK – these are routine things like stuffing hundreds of envelopes with leaflets, or rattling collecting tins, or helping with the washing up after community events. That is what I think of as “volunteering” – those things have involved giving my time freely, but they haven’t done much to expand my horizons. With OOCD 2000+ and Fantsuam Foundation It has all been a life-enriching experience, with one step leading naturally to the next. I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people. I  have been included in so many things that would otherwise have been completely unknown to me. It has completely altered my perspective on things in my own culture that I previously never questioned.

You are right that since I started to help Peter there has been a lot of work and it is not paid work. As we both know, helping with projects like this is costly for the people involved. We give our time freely and often we have to cover many expenses from our own pockets – but I feel that somehow “volunteering’ is not the right word.

I don’t know what the right word would be.

I think that is why I usually refer to it as my “learning journey” – and why I think of you as my teacher and mentor as well as a very dear friend.

I’ll post this link on Facebook for you and look forward to your reply there.