Who am I?

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This biography was written to accompany a chapter I’m contributing to a book called 50:50 – Scenarios for the Next 50 Years – (for more about the book see call for chapters – sent out late 2016) Pamela McLean has been exploring the relationship between people and digital technologies since the 1970s. Her interest was… Read more »

Personal blocks, cross-boundary teams, and FASST

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This open letter follows your comment that “I feel like the journey unpicking our own blocks is worth taking and sharing. Following that, we can have an outward focus that might be useful to cross-boundary teams (across departments, across functions, across location).” You and I  have overlapping interests there – both on “unpicking our own… Read more »

Charlotte Millar on “How to stop competing and start building community”

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Charlotte Millar makes excellent points about competition, collaboration and building community. Her post is a refreshing antidote to the widespread devaluation of the word “collaboration”. I appreciate her emphasis on the time it takes to build the trust that enables true collaboration (instead of our habitual competition) so I’ve quoted from her post with my… Read more »

Positive News seeks an Editor

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Positive News seeks an Editor (and if  – if you haven’t read Postive News yet – check it out). Following the success of their #OwnTheMedia crowdfunding campaign, Positive News is now looking for an Editor to join the team. The deadline for applications is 9am on Monday 11th January; see the website for full details.