“The Exponential Leap”and #XH2027

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The Exponential Leap (also known simply as “The Leap”) is due to be launched on September 18th 2027 as part of the Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven celebrations. What is “The Leap” for? The Leap is a new kind of map that will help people find their way in an unfamiliar world. It doesn’t take much imagination… Read more »

Ben De Vries and huntergatherersfoodforests.com

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News from my friend Ben de Vries – Certified Permaculture Designer. If you live in USA please read on. Even if you don’t live in the USA please share this info. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is our first year in operation. Using a method I developed for maximum seedling health and rhisosphere inoculation, we have in ground… Read more »

Free Wi-Fi access opportunity for secondary schools in Tanzania – please share this info

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Opportunity for secondary schools in Tanzania to get free Wi-Fi access through the iKnowledge programme. The iKnowledge programme The iKnowledge programme will equip up to 250 schools in rural and underserved areas of Tanzania with ICT infrastructure. This includes broadband internet via satellite, alongside provision of ICT training and educational content for teachers to apply… Read more »

Matt Haikin, opportunities and Dadamac

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Matt Haiken is looking for an opportunity to do grass-roots participatory work with technology… Can you help? More on his blog I’ve known Matt for some time so I’ve “got confidence in his history”. I’ll point him to what I’m writing here, to find out if he’s interested in opportunities with Dadamac. What Matt’s looking for… Read more »