Before I Die Network, Next Event and Me.

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Most people in the Before I Die Network (BIDN) are recent graduates, deciding what to do with their lives, but there are no age barriers, and I’ve also been given a warm welcome. News of the next event is out, along with an invitation to reflect on the previous one, so I’m sharing my reflections… Read more »

#Dadamac and “Lifecycle of Emergence” by M Wheatley and D Freize

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Dadamac is an example of emergence. The article on Lifecycle of Emergence describes what we are experiencing, and shines light on why we believe that we will have major impact. As the authors state “Change begins as local actions spring up simultaneously in many different areas. If these changes remain disconnected, nothing happens beyond each… Read more »

Back @Tuttle again – a flavour of the conversations

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Over the years the Tuttle club has moved around and I’ve been intrigued by the effect different Tuttle venues have had the dynamics of the group. Last week we were at the up-market offices of Z/Yen ( Z/Yen Facebook, website). About half a dozen of us had arrived earlier than Lloyd Davis (the man behind… Read more »

Let’s get real about International Development

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Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen! is a wonderful, humorous reality-check about top-down International Development  “interventions” for “beneficiaries”. What he says in an entertaining way is what I often have on my heart, but can’t share the same way. I had a hunch where his first story was going, because a… Read more »

Steps towards critical mass and International Development disruption

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Dadamac is small and it is disruptive. In a previous post I explained that: Dadamac’s UK-Africa work operates in similar areas of need  to those officially targeted by traditional top-down International Development “interventions”, but not in similar ways.  The starting points are different, the drivers are different and, crucially, our use of disruptive technology, the… Read more »

Wonderful word – “Wirearchy” – Thank you Jon Husband

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Jon Husband defines “wirearchy” as “a dynamic two-way flow of power and authority based on knowledge, trust, credibility and a focus on results, enabled by interconnected people and technology.” To give meaning to the definition go to his website and read – What Is Wirearchy ? I’m copying the headings and subheadings as bullet points… Read more »

Rejoice with me – I’ve discovered Development Dreamers

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On the “about” page of Development Dreamers the founder John Brownlee writes What is your dream for development? What change would you like to see in this world? Alone we cannot easily make our dreams come true, but with the power of the web and collective action, we can in Tim Unwins idea of collectives… Read more »

Wealth – and Teal for Startups

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The observations and opinions offered here relate to three key ideas: The Internet is having some deeply disruptive influences on “how we usually do things” because individuals and organisations are having to adjust to life in an increasingly inter-connected world For many of us what we do as our “paid work” (i.e. in our “sold”… Read more »

#Dadamac and “The Death of International Development” by Jason Hickel

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Dadamac operates from a place outside the established International Development community, so the perspective I have tends to be disconnected from “normal” (large NGO) approaches. For this reason I welcome an article  on The Death of International Development  by Jason Hickel, who is an anthropologist at the London School of Economics. His emphasis is different… Read more »