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Hi Brian. You were sharing some thoughts about choosing how you spend your time i.e. how come you were spending your day off writing to me instead of…..  etc. So I’m going to explore some thoughts on that theme back with you. I don’t know where this is going, but probably some short-term versus long-term objectives will be part of the mix, and the whole doing-thinking-writing tension, and so on.

That short-term v long-term theme reminds me of a conversation my brother and I had about going to the gym. By the way it’s just got too late for me to go to the gym today. Hmm, how I happen to be around this evening with the possibility of going to the gym has only happened because of other things that happened earlier and …. well…  my day isn’t going according to plan.

Hmm. I could beat myself up about that. (Poor time management. No focus. All that “I’m rubbish” self-critical stuff that we’ve touched on before.)  I won’t go there. I’ll go with the flow and work through some thoughts with you instead. With a changed mind-set I could congratulate myself on my adaptability. I could even choose to decide that the way I’ve used the time instead was a greater good – after all – there’s really no way of knowing.

Jumping back to the gym conversation with my brother, and making decisions about priorities. He and I did a rough calculation about the effectiveness of exercise. Sure it adds years to your life – but how long does it take you to take the exercise that’s adding the years, not to mention the time it takes to get to and from the place, where you spend the time ,to take the exercise, to add the years to your life..  you can see where this is going…

Anyhow I didn’t decide early enough to make a definite decision to get to the gym this evening and I’ve been inside, working from home, all day.

Hmm – cue for taking a break to get up and move around…

I’m back.

This is what happened. I share it because it was unplanned and I enjoyed it so much – not because any of it was remotely impressive in its performance.

Getting up from my chair to take the break, a seldom-used hula hoop caught my eye – and realising I’d have to shift the table to make room for a quick whirl of the hula hoop I went out on the balcony instead (beautiful evening – and long after dark so no-one would notice me).

When I came back in I confess that a couple of geraniums were slightly the worse for wear, but I was much refreshed.  In fact I was on a roll.

I swapped the hula hoop for a skipping rope and went back out again.

Back inside, I gathered the step-up stool from the kitchen and a couple of flat irons (I could explain their history, but I won’t) and I did a few exercises with them.

I finished up by doing idiosyncratic, improvised, versions of some ballet exercises (around grade two I imagine) remembered from my far distant childhood. All was done to the accompaniment of Schubert’s Piano trio number 2 in E Flat major, and executed partly free-style around the living room, and partly at “the barre” (or to be more precise – and given you know how my flat is furnished – holding onto the back of the high seat taken from the kitchen).

Well – this post didn’t go where I expected. Nothing on the angst of balancing one thing against the other – and coming to a conclusion.

No time to consider it in theory now.

Going to sleep suddenly seems to be my next highest priority – after a quick sugar fix.

While taking the sugar/honey/chocolate I’ll post this for you, as far as I got.

Then I’ll celebrate the choices I made today that led to an early night.

I look forward discovering where your next thoughts will take us.