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Hi Brian.

Your letter on ‘Agile writing” (I love that term) sparked so many thoughts (and various chuckles and chortles – I’m not sure which).

My chuckle /chortles were a kind of delighted surprise noise. They happen this way. I’m reading.There is a sudden recognition and deep connection with what you are saying. and then something just bubbles up from inside – and comes out as a chuckle/chortle noise (and sometimes I clap my hands too).

It’s not because your writing is funny like a joke is funny. It’s more because of the delight of the deep connection, and shared experience (from the trivial to the “human condition”) and your light touch on things, and perhaps a recognition of how crazy it is to take ourselves too seriously. It’s like when you were in London and we could meet – and why I’m glad that we’re friends.

Oh. I’m supposed to be somewhere in exactly 36 minutes. More later.