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So much is going on. How it all connects will become obvious later.

It is all “good stuff” – and I can’t justify that statement either – but I know all the people involved, and I know how what they do impacts on my life – and, in my judgement, it’s all good.

Things I’m learning

Thanks to David Bovill I’m:

  • Working with Ward Cunningham and others on the development of the Federated Wiki.
  • Learning about community radio
  • Working with Mark Leighton to produce a radio programme
  • Developing skills in collecting content via WhatsApp in collaboration with my friends John Dada, Gbade Adejumo, Elfneh Bariso and David Mutua

Sharing what I’m learning / have learned


I was active in the Teal for Startups group and it’s time for us to give feedback – i.e written contributions on “My Journey with Teal”

Before I Die Network

Over the past couple of years I’ve been along to several of Olivia Comberti’s “Before I Die Network” workshops and I’m always encouraged and energised by them. This month Olivia’s invited me along as her guest speaker. It’s quite a responsibility as it means finding a way to share my story in a way that will help to encourage and energise others.

Lunch and Learn

Satalia is a company I want to know more about. I’m interested in what they do (related to Artificial Intelligence) and how they do it (flat organsational structure and sharing what they do in transparent, open ways).  I’ve been invited along to speak at one of their Friday “Lunch and Learn” sessions. I see this as an opportunity for me to learn. I’m going to learn most about our overlapping interests during the Q and A part, so I need to make sure that what I say beforehand stimulates the questions that will teach me most.


Stuart Benson is the man behind Speakeasy at the Canvas cafe – see his tweet below:

I met Stuart a few weeks ago  – I’m not sure when but it was while the winter festival ball pit was open in the Happiness Museum (which is behind the Canvas Cafe and one of the reasons I happened to be there).

Anyhow, what happened next is another story but the outcome is that I’m going to speak there sometime.  I’m not sure if I’ll tell a happy story or a sad one. I’m thinking of one which is still unfinished – it has tragedy in it (and humour). It could be heading for a happy ending, or a sad one, depending on what the audience choose to do with it.

Here is Stuart’s invitation

He’s wearing the Alternative Value badge that I awarded him (in case you can’t see it clearly it’s also the website logo).

Connections and visibility

As I said at the start- it’s all connected, and it’s all good.

It’s hard to explain how – but it’s getting easier to demonstrate. The connections are getting more visible. Expect to see more.