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This post was prompted by a failed Skype call this morning. A friend and I were about to have a quick “smile and a wave” on Skype,  or maybe it would have been a longer heart-to-heart chat. I don’t know because the call failed. We’ve both written ‘be back later’ messages.

I was going to write something more in the Skype chat box, because I’m going out soon, and maybe we won’t reconnect later today. As I started to write I realised that I’d like to share similar messages with other friends – so I’m writing here instead.

I wanted to say:

Be encouraged my much-appreciated, inspiring, and not-seen-often enough friend. I saw your face this morning and you looked so tired and weary. I wanted to give you a long-distance hug. I mean something as near as possible to the wordless reconnecting that comes so naturally when friends meet face-to-face after a period of separation.I mean the kind of hug that is a silent, acting-out of entering into each other’s space and being rid of the separation of time and distance and experiences that have gone between. 

I wanted to be rid of the separation. I wanted to be able to share my energy with you, because today I have some, and today it is more than I need, and you looked like it would be useful to you. If you were nearer perhaps it would be easier to share it with you.

I want you know that you are loved, that you are an inspiration, that the work you have done has influenced and encouraged me enormously. 

I wanted you to know you are not alone.

I wanted to thank you for who you are, and what you have done, and how you have reached out to me over the years. I want you to feel energised and comforted by knowing how much you have energised and encouraged me, what it has meant to me to feel included by you and welcomed into what you are doing.. how you have helped me to feel less alone… and I can’t be the only who has felt this… and it is thanks to who you are, and thanks to your vision and work and outreach.

I wanted to help lift you – or at least support you so you don’t go any lower. We each have our times of strength to share and other times of appreciating the shared strength of others.

I want to send you love and some thoughts and pictures I have in my mind but I find it hard to “wordify” them. (My thanks to Brian Griffiths for the gift of the word “wordify”).

If I could share the thoughts and pictures with you they would be about resting and not struggling, they would  be about floating for a while and not drowning.

I would draw on many things I’ve thought before, inspired by various wonderful, innovative, visionary and much-appreciated friends (appreciated by me at least – even if not yet sufficiently appreciated by the world in general)… friends who I don’t see often enough but I carry in my heart… friends who I now think of as system builders (thanks to Mark Ventresca’s TEDx talks) and who I previously described as my crazy-sane  friends. 

We do make a difference – we all make a difference  – and together we will make a real and lasting difference – even if it is only like the drops of water that wear away the rocks, or make the stalactites and stalagmites, or land as snowflakes and together transform the landscape.

I wrote recently about little streams and confluence. I was exploring the idea of being so high up in the hills that the streams don’t seem connected, but later will be visibly flowing together. I thought of that image again this morning when I wanted to help you to float and regain your strength.

Then I thought of the words “going down hill” and the negative connotations – but with streamsgoing down hill” means making progress and it’s how the streams come together.

I thought of white water rapids and the battering they give to people, and I thought of wider, slow-flowing, deep waters that are easier to float on and navigate.

I don’t know your recent news, but maybe you’ve been having more than you share of white water rapids and rocks of late.

I’m going to publish this now, then I’ll post the link onto our Skype chat, and go out. It is a beautiful, sunny, precious end-of-summer day here in the UK – the kind of day that lifts the spirits. I wonder how it is with you. I hope we will reconnect before the day is out.

Before I wrote this

Before I wrote this I was thinking of my friend’s face, seen briefly on Skype, and I started to think of what I wanted to say.

As I reflected I was deeply aware of the feelings of exhaustion and isolation that we all get if we are striving to make ideas into realities. The faces of other friends came to mind – friends who have similarly inspired me and encouraged me by their vision, passion and persistence  – friends who I have seen sometimes looking similarly exhausted and down. You are not alone my friends – if you are exhausted right now, please be encouraged – and if things are going well for you… may they continue to go well. Whichever way it is – let’s not leave it too long before we share our next “wave and a smile”.


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