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Hi Brendon,

I’m responding to your post to the Enlivening Edge Community copied below with my italics. I’ve copied it in full for ease of reference and also because you want to get the word out. You wrote:

Dear all, I am a new member who has recently been experimenting with/ Teal / Holacracy models with a small-scale rural project in Egypt (see our video). Our goal is to find new ways to give power to low-income communities in an alternative and fairer economy.

Our team has been searching for other organizations attempting similar models in partnership with economically poor populations in the Global South – to help us gather best practices and experiences that we can further disseminate. Frederic Laloux of Reinventing Organizations suggested we ask here! Does anyone know of any such organizations??

Baladini is a social enterprise for rural women to become artisanal food producers and entrepreneurs.
I don’t have exactly what you’re looking for yet, but what I’m doing has various overlaps,  and may become useful to you as more of the parts come together.
I respond from two perspectives regarding my current endeavours. One is the perspective of (its mission is to listen to changemakers in Africa and enable effective use of resources) the other is FASST (see “FASST = Freedom, Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation”)
FASST ties in with ” experimenting with/ Teal / Holacracy models”. Dadamac’s work with changemakers in Africa ties in with  partnership with economically poor populations in the Global South.
Both FASST and tie in with helping to gather best practices and experiences that we can further disseminate.

Much is happening behind the scenes that is not yet written up, so please get in touch if you want to explore possible synergy in more detail. either via the contact page here or on facebook.

Your project looks wonderful. I particularly related to references to co-operation, place of learning, and the idea of starting small and other people copying. The sense of community was wonderful too – and of course… the food. Congratulations to you and everyone involved, please tell them what an inspiration and delight it was to “meet” you all on the video.