FASST – an introduction and invitation

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This open letter is for people who need an introduction to FASST, and also for people considering how they will be involved. It addresses the questions of What? Why? When? Where? How? – and most importantly Who? (Links to further information are given at the end). If you want to get involved let me know… Read more »

Response to “Machine Money and People Money”

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I like it when a down-to-earth article addresses issues that some people would otherwise find hard to take seriously. It gives me a credible jumping off point for some of the  conversations I want to have. “Machine Money and People Money” offers a useful perspective on work and employment, and how they are not necessarily… Read more »

Updating Dadamac.org on the FASST experiment

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Hi Dadamac Friends, This is to update you all about  FASST – the learning-by-doing holacracy initiative that I’m doing with EvolvingOrganisation. I’m currently encouraging individuals, rather than organisations, to get involved. Later I’ll be inviting organisations. Although it’s too soon to invite dadamac.org I’d like you all to know where FASST is headed. This is… Read more »

FASST in two worlds – working freely and paying the bills

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Hi G (second G) Here’s the latest perspective on FASST and how it fits in the two conflicting realities of collaboration and competition. These notes may prove useful for our Skype call. Things have moved on since I shared the post about the 10 questions for FASST (a future-focussed experiment with holacracy and teal) and… Read more »

Cluetrain 1999 – things about markets and company culture that teal people will recognise.

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I’ve just discovered the Cluetrain manifesto – I’ve copied the start of the introduction below – with my “teal perspective” italics added. A powerful global conversation has begun. Through the Internet, people are discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed. As a direct result, markets are getting smarter, …and getting… Read more »

(education and systemic change) Emergence for Teal Education – Jean-Paul Munsch for Enlivening Edge

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Event Reports Emergence for Teal Education (IEC Report) Event Reports Emergence for Teal Education (IEC Report) On July 5, 2016 By  Staff No Comments By Jean-Paul Munsch for Enlivening Edge It’s the third day of the Integral European Conference 2016 in Hungary. My workshop starts. I stand with both feet barefoot on the carpet. I’m grounded…. Read more »

FASST people

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This is an update for people who are are wondering where they will fit in FASST. Some of you will be more concerned with the “container” and some more concerned with the “contents” (as covered in  Explaining “FASST = Freedom, Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation ). This post covers the current vision for FASST… Read more »