I’m intrigued by ideas – and I used to be an infant teacher – so this kind of thing interests me

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Noam Chomsky on how Kids Acquire Language & Ideas by Giorgio Bertini Noam Chomsky became internationally famous for proposing a novel solution to an age-old question: what does a baby know? After years of research, Chomsky proposed that newborns have a hard-wired ability to understand grammar. Language acquisition is as elemental to being human as,… Read more »

I’ve learned so much from TEDx Talks – here’s a social way of enjoying some upcoming ones South of the Thames:

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As organisers of TEDxBrixton, the annual community event held in south London, we’ve long been fans of ‘Big TED’. However, like most people, we’ve never been able to attend a TED conference in person. So, when TED offered us the chance to screen some of the upcoming TED conference, to a small audience, we jumped… Read more »

A possible way to find people with skills we need

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Definitely less awkward than the normal kind View this email in your browser Working in a small business or as a freelancer often means you need to learn to do EVERYTHING. You have to be a director, a lawyer, a web developer, an accountant, a social media pro… And all that gets pretty tiring! Not to mention inefficient…. Read more »

From HubWestminster Newsletter – wonder if there is any overlap with the interests of Dadamac Foundation.

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Helen Wright : Global People Project Impact Hub Brixton Helen is a Producer and Director at Global People Project, a team of creatives, technologists, entrepreneurs and producers, who pioneer new approaches to engagement in today’s digital landscape, particularly focussed on fostering global citizenship and intercultural awareness. Get in touch!

Coming soon

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This is the new Dadamac Connect website. It’s a Work in Progress at the moment, come back soon to see the new site.