My 2016 reply to the Before I Die Network (BIDN)

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Hi Olivia Your BIDN email (deadline today) said: “Reminder: Let’s celebrate some not-shit things that happened in 2016!” What has happened in your life this year that you want to celebrate? What had you been striving for for a while that you managed to accomplish this year? My reply is wide ranging – so I’m… Read more »

December 11th FASST update

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Dear FASST friends. FASST has moved on during 2016, so I’m getting a few things in writing before the end of the year. FASST (Freedom, Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation) is an “experiment in collaboration”. It is an emergent organisation, and its shape is becoming clearer as more of my friends and contacts join… Read more »

Nov 19th – Exponentially Human and “the story so far”

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Hi Exponentially Human friends and contacts, You’ve all got different fragments of the Exponentially Human “story so far” – so I’m pulling various parts of it together here for anyone who wants a fuller picture. Introduction to the term Exponentially Human I came across the term “Exponentially Human” in the book “Technology vs Humanity” –… Read more »

My notes on “Revisiting the Digital Native Hypothesis” by Michael Trucano

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I’m interested in our relationship to digital technologies. I’m intrigued by how the availability of the tech alters our roles and our relationships with each other and with “information” (in all its many and varied forms). I’ve cut and pasted bits from “Revisiting the Digital Native Hypothesis” by Michael Trucano so I can highlight points… Read more »

The Magical Six and U.Lab preparation

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Hi Magical Six This is my preparation for tomorow’s U.Lab session. For context I’ve copied and highlighted some of Otto’s post On the Making of Trump—The Blind Spot That Created Him . We have entered a watershed moment not only here in America, but also globally. It’s a moment that could help us wake up… Read more »

Continuing Conversations November 1st – 10th

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Hi Folks These are some recent meetings and conversations (Nov 1st – 10th)  gathered together to offer the wider picture. I’m tying some of this collection together with reference to a chapter I’m planning. However that connecting thread only emerged incidentally as I got into conversations. It wasn’t the main reason for any meetings. Given… Read more »

Introducing the First Thursday group

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Hi Folks This post relates to conversations of the “First Thursday” group, These online conversations began some time in 2006 or 2007. They continued once a month until part way through 2015, when we needed to relocate. A few months ago Folabi Sunday encouraged me to restart the group, this time on Facebook. We have… Read more »

Nov 5th – Exponentially Human

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Hi Folks, The context for this continuing conversation is: A book I read called Technology vs Humanity – the book and the “stay connected” link . A call for chapter proposals from Fast Future Publishing for 50:50 – Scenarios for the Next 50 Years. A discussion with Brian Griffin, about what I might write, during… Read more »