I’m Pamela McLean and I write the posts you’ll find on Dadamac Connect.

I currently describe myself as a practical innovator, a compulsive collaborator and a futurist writer.

The writing here is based on what I’m doing and thinking now, plus some reflections on where things seem to be heading.

I’ve been interested and active in this kind of stuff since the 1970s. At the start I was an infant teacher, learning about systems thinking with the Open University, and doing some practical experimentations writing programs on a new-fangled micro-computer. I’m intrigued by the relationships between people and tech – especially when it comes to thinking, information processing and creativity.

Sometimes I write posts with particular people in mind.

Sometimes I simply write posts for myself. I find that writing and talking helps me to structure ideas and influences that are buzzing around in my mind. I try to capture and share ideas publicly as far as I can, because sharing openly is part of the future I believe in. The logo is also part of that future. It relates to value that can’t be captured on a balance sheet.

I’m interested in many aspects of how the world is changing – how it’s all interconnected, and why some of it makes no sense according to the ways we’ve been taught to think and behave. I’m an explorer, as you probably are, in this “Landscape of Change” and some of my notes along the way are to be found here.